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Uniting Faith & Justice

The Black Clergy Collaborative of Memphis is committed to expressing the voice of the Black Church and supporting its resurgence as a catalyst for social justice. We help our members to work at the intersection of theology and social justice, taking action on an agenda to address inequality in Memphis and Shelby County.

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About Us

BCCM is an alliance of clergy members working to reverse economic inequality and promote social justice in Memphis, Tennessee. Our members are leading the resurgence of the black church by promoting a new agenda focused on fighting racial injustice, promoting economic opportunity, reforming the criminal justice system, and engaging the next generation of civic leaders.

Our Initiatives

The Black Clergy Collaborative (BCCM) focuses on civic engagement, economic empowerment, and criminal justice reform. By addressing systemic issues that contribute to inequality, the BCCM can help to create meaningful change in the lives of Black individuals and families in Tennessee. Through collaboration, advocacy, and a shared commitment to promoting equity and justice, the BCCM can help to create a brighter future for Black communities in Tennessee.

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BCCM seeks to engage faith leaders.

Success Stories

African American clergy members pen joint letter calling for police reform, meetings with mayors, police, and DA

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A group of African American faith leaders is calling for police reform and accountability. The clergy members put together a list of proposals. The pastors told FOX13 they want law…

The Black Clergy Collaborative of Memphis and Hope Credit Union Launch Partnership to Tackle Predatory Lending

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Today, the Black Clergy Collaborative of Memphis (BCCM) and Hope Credit Union (HOPE) announced the launch of a partnership to provide alternatives to high cost, predatory loans and access to…

Turn out to vote early or on election day, Memphis. It’s a matter of survival | Opinion

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During this election season, we must vote for recognizing and honoring the humanity of all people. We must vote for a return of facts and truth. We must vote to…

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The Black Clergy Collaborative of Memphis (BCCM) comprises members who work together to address systemic issues affecting Black communities in the United States. To become a member of the Black Clergy Collaborative, please fill out the form below. A member of our team will contact you within seven business days to discuss your committee interests and answer any questions you may have.